Thursday, January 5, 2012

Howdy Y'all!
Our dear Katie is officially Sister Phillips, which means she is in the MTC and definitely not blogging! I (Kylynn) will be providing you a sneak peak into Katie's BIG adventures in the great state of Texas for the next 18 months (or 546 more days, not that I'm counting...)
As an update from her last post, I can assure you that she waited until the last minute to pack...and repack...and weigh, and repack. She managed to make enough sacrifices and left Oregon with only two 50-ish pound suitcases, and whatever else she could fit on her body (and in her purse and in her carry-on bag).
Katie reported to the MTC on Wednesday, and so far that is all that I have to report. But check back later and I'll tell you all about the food snob's take on the gourmet cafeteria food!

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